aka Valued Cu$tomer

Working largely within institutional circles, Benton Bainbridge's "performed cinema" ranges from one of playing on the notions of visualized music, in the tradition of Barinov, to that of abstract synthetic perturbations where sound and image fuse to form sensory gravitational pulls.

His research is moving the art of vampling in many directions, posing questions of time, affect, and space. His collaborations are many, most notably, he co-founded the Performed Audio/Video [PAV] group The Poool with Angie Eng and Meli Walker. This "Real-Time Cinema" group created and projected and digitally manipulated video images with found or sculpted props live as a multimedia performance. Most of the imagery was performed and processed in real-time.

"Movies are meant to be played, like a visual form of music."

-- Benton Bainbridge

His performances tend to be a bit more refined, abstract and computer generated than Matterlink's, or Negativland's. Much of his work has been on the purely visual side, vj'ing, performing video with groups like the Beastie Boys. That said, in terms of innovation, he's worked to advance the craft of vampling through software development as have EBN and Coldcut, conceiving of and guiding the development the GRID VJ software for Vidvox in 2003. "Currently, Benton-C Bainbridge is designing video for RGB LED displays and live spectacles on stage and TV with FUEVOZ, a company he cofounded with V Owen Bush. Keep it coming."